Genesis Computer Training offers a wide range of corporate training suitable for businesses of every size. Take advantage of our professional team of IT professionals to increase the efficiency and productivity of staff in your organisation or even to open new doors for your business.
Corporate Training

Boost your business

Providing training for your staff in up-to-date computer skills will not only boosts their morale and motivation, but will keep them loyal to your business and encourage them to give 100% while at work. More than that, staff returning from training often return with a renewed enthusiasm, increased proficiency and new skills and knowledge that allow them to make a much greater contribution to your business and saves them time on IT tasks, large or small.

Business benefits of staff training:

    * Increased Productivity
    * Increased Efficiency
    * Improved Quality of Service
    * Faster Growth of your Business
    * Accreditation
    * Increased staff retention and motivation
    * Staying competitive
    * Save time and reduce costs
    * Prevent disastrous IT errors

It is a fact that businesses that invest heavily in staff training grow quicker than businesses that do not.

Outshine the competition

All in all, training increases the technical knowledge of your staff, makes a noticeable difference to your customers, helps you to remain competitive, improves the quality of your services and gives you the reputation your business deserves.

Keep it in-house

Training your staff in new skills can reduce the need to employ new staff or look outside the business for the needs of your business. Training your current staff the skills needed to become a bookkeeper for example, could reduce costs substantially.

What type of training is on offer?

At Genesis Computer Training, we offer a wide range of courses from basic IT, Internet and email to the latest Microsoft Office Packages. For a full list of our Corporate courses and details of syllabi contact us above.

Community Training

Genesis offers community computer / IT training courses to residents of Portadown and the surrounding district catchment area. The courses range from Beginners Computer Courses, Intermediat Computer Courses and Advanced IT Courses to Multimedia and Desktop Publishing Courses. These can be funded by either Private or Government Bodies.
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