Water Cooled Gaming

Using water to cool your PC is the Holy Grail of computer cooling and is the ultimate service a system builder can offer - it separates the men from the boys. Water is over 700 times more dense and can absorb heat 23 times faster than air. Not only is watercooling efficient but is also quiet in operation and looks amazing!
Over clocked Gaming Systems

Overclocking, the practice of increasing a processor’s clock speed to obtain better performance, has been used by gamers for two decades. We offer custom built systems that we have but with the highest quality components and overclcoked and tested by our best technicians, if you dont believe us then watch our gaming channels to see the systems in action.

Video Editing systems

Our Photo and VIdeo Editing PCs comply to the latest industry standards. Powerful, flexible, quiet and stylish PCs providing blazing fast performance for professional applications.

Games Servers

We run our own games servers but can also setup personal ones for our clients and offer help and advice.

We cater for all gamers at Genesis, so whether you're the next eSports champion or want to immerse yourself in the latest AAA tiles in 4K or VR, we can help.

Whether you want a water-cooled multi-GPU gaming behemoth, or a slim and sleek Gaming PC for the living room, at Genesis you can design your dream gaming PC with the latest in gaming technology from the worlds leading brands.
Custom Built Gaming Systems
Specialists in  High Spec Custom Built PCs, Gaming PCs, Water Cooled systems, Music & Video Editing Workstations and Bespoke projects.
High End Components

We Build a wide range of gaming rigs that are built with the highest quality top brand components and offer great value for money. The popularity of the gaming console continues to grow but the PC is still the ultimate platform for gamers. With games now using more multifaceted graphics, it is imperative to set yourself up with a PC that can handle all that power.
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